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Our Mission

To Inspire Inner Growth

Brave Speaks Purpose Values

Our Purpose

Empower clients to cultivate and live from their values

Braver Speaks Mission Inner Growth Journey

Our Vision

To make a positive impact by offering
simple and sustainable nourishment for the mind, body and soul.

Meagan Krzywosinski, Founder

Meagan Krzywosinski, founder of Inspiring Inner Growth LLC, BraVe Speaks, is a practicing Human Resource Professional with a love for inspiring humans, on and off the yoga mat.

Meagan began cultivating and nourishing her dream and with a whole lot of braVe she eventually landed on three powerful words, Inspiring Inner Growth. Her mission is to inspire inner growth and empower humans to engage their ‘braVe.’ Her perspective is that self-awareness and authentic human connections, with a splash of braVe, are foundational in living a life of sustainability-one of thriving and not just surviving at home, work and school.

Everything is interconnected!

The ‘human’ is Meagan’s North Star of Inspiring Inner Growth; growth that she hopes creates a ripple of bravery inspiring humans to define and live into their ‘values,’ ultimately creating space for people to live their very best life!

Meagan is a SHRM Certified Professional, 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher, Master Certified Life Coach, Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, and Inspirational Speaker. She practices Human Resources by day and is a Yogi by life.

“Living braVe means showing up for yourself; your values, your very best life.” -Meagan

Inspiring Inner Growth-Your Yoga Studio

Your Yoga, Your Studio to nourish your braVe.

The studio offers a space to quiet the mind, move the body and nourish the soul. From yoga to inspiring workshops, we hope the studio becomes your space to ‘ignite the spark in your soul.’

BraVe Speaks® Services

Meagan Krzywosinski Brave Speaks Life Coach

The Core of Coaching

Coaching is all about YOU! You set the North Star. You hold the compass. As your coach, my focus is to hear, see and ask! Specifically, thought provoking questions to inspire, dive deep and be present in accountability.
Meagan Krzywosinski Brave Speaks Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaking

BraVe Speaks inspires the soul and empowers the mind. In this mind-activating “talk” we invite you to discover/rediscover your values and learn how to navigate the stretch between values and boundaries.
Meagan Krzywosinski Brave Speaks Team Building Coach

Informative Teambuilding

When humans come together, they create a team. The effectiveness and efficiency of a team is only as good as the team’s shared values. BraVe Speaks only to one, if the values of all are left to guess rather than embraced by the whole.
Brave Speaks Vision Boards Workshops

Guided Growth Workshops

Guided workshops teach the basics of believing in yourself and who you want to become, while you’re navigating this journey, we call life. Workshops are great for individuals, couples, families and teams! Designed especially with your growth in mind.

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