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Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach
Inspirational Speaker Inspiring Inner Growth to Engage Your BraVe

Brave Speaks Journey Follow Your Path

Our Mission

To Inspire Inner Growth

Brave Speaks Purpose Values

Our Purpose

Empower clients to work from their values

Braver Speaks Mission Inner Growth Journey

Our Vision

To walk alongside clients in this journey

Meagan Krzywosinski Founder of BraVe Speaks

Meagan Krzywosinski, Founder

Meagan Krzywosinski, founder of BraVe Speaks, is a Master Certified Life Coach, a Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, and Inspirational Speaker. Understanding and engaging your Emotional Intelligence is great for soulful presence.

  • Be brave enough to listen.
  • Be bold enough to learn.
  • Be strong enough to adjust.

Meagan Krzywosinski, SHRM-CP, MCLC
Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach
Inspirational Speaker
Phone: 231-330-0179

BraVe Speaks® Services

Meagan Krzywosinski Brave Speaks Life Coach

The Core of Coaching

As your coach, I will listen, provide tools to inspire inner growth, and be your toughest accountability partner. The core of coaching is all about hearing, seeing, and asking.
Meagan Krzywosinski Brave Speaks Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaking

BraVe Speaks inspires the soul and empowers the mind. In this mind-activating “talk” we invite you to rediscover your values and learn how to navigate the stretch between values and boundaries.
Meagan Krzywosinski Brave Speaks Team Building Coach

Informative Teambuilding

How does a team come together if members don’t understand what each human brings to the collective whole? In our team building workshops, we create programming based on values.
Brave Speaks Vision Boards Workshops

Vision Board Workshop

Vision board workshops teach the basics of believing in yourself and who you want to become, while doing what you’re doing. Workshops are great for individuals and teams!

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