The Core of Coaching

Coaching is all about YOU! You set the North Star.

  • Are you ready to work on your resilience?
  • Do you seek to grow your conflict management skills?
  • Are you a leader who needs to work on showing up with empathy and a little more compassion?

The core of coaching is about hearing, seeing and asking. Like experiencing a new path; we hear, see and ask our compass to guide us. As your coach, I will walk along-side you hearing, seeing and asking thought provoking questions to inspire inner growth so you feel empowered to engage your braVe.

We begin with an assessment of Social Emotional Intelligence skills; twenty-six key competencies. The SEI assessment is incredibly comprehensive and based on the four-quadrant model for social and emotional intelligence, first identified by Daniel Goleman in 1995, the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile®. The assessment becomes the foundation for thought provoking questions designed to dive deep into your SEI to understand the strengths and areas of potential growth. We offer individual and 360 degree Social + Emotional Intelligence assessments. There is no right or wrong assessment, simply a measure from which to discover, learn and grow as a human.

Researchers believe life success is driven more by our emotional intelligence (EQ) than by our cognitive intelligence (IQ). The BEST news, we can cultivate our EQ (or SEI)! I like to think, SEI (Social and Emotional Intelligence) can be inspired too. When we become aware of who we are at the core, we can understand how we show-up (or not) in life. Where we don’t show up, we cultivate growth. Where we show up a little to strong, we recalculate.

As your coach, together we will work to grow your chosen areas of SEI to ensure you can navigate the uncharted waters along your journey. Coaching is giving yourself the gift to have dedicated time to discover and grow into your most aware self.

It would be an honor to be your accountability partner. This time is yours to grow!

It is best to structure our time over several one-hour sessions, with a minimum of two. This allows for ample discovery, discussion, development of goals and celebrations of success. Throughout our time together, worksheets and tools are shared to accompany the development of self-awareness within the twenty-six competencies.

Core Coaching Compass Brave Speaks

Assessment + Personalized Summary = $280; 60-minute high-level interpretation and summary of results.

Coaching Packages

  • Four (4) sessions = $320.00
  • Eight (8) sessions = $560.00
  • Additional 60-minute sessions = $80.00

Customized Packages available

Informative Teambuilding

When humans come together, they create a team. The effectiveness and efficiency of a team is only as good as the team’s shared values. BraVe Speaks only to one, if the values of all are left to guess rather than embraced by the whole.

How does a team come together, if the humans, on the “team”, don’t understand what each human brings to the collective whole? WOWZA, great question!

In our team building workshops, we create programming based on the rooted values the organization is built and the understanding of the rooted values brought forward by the humans of the organization. Brilliant!

Our thought is, one can’t survive without the other. When humans and organizations come together, they create a team; a team, ideally working in the same direction for the common good of the mission, purpose, and vision.

We create teambuilding programming based on… you guessed it, VALUES!

  • Do you have one specific goal to achieve? We facilitate the conversation to recalculate the arrows on your compass.
  • Is your team growing and striving to create connection? We facilitate simple team building exercises to begin building relationships.
  • Struggling to define your strategic plan? Do you have a strategic plan and have no idea how to get started? We LOVE facilitating the creation of 30-60-90-day plans!

The foundation of our work rests in understanding the social + emotional intelligence of everyone that makes up the team. How each person “shows-up” is critical to the overall outcome. Teams are blended, blended is beautiful…AND successful “blending” begins with being BraVe!

Let’s get to collaborating…we’ve got visions and goals waiting to be accomplished!

Informative Team Building Meagan Krzywosinski

Teambuilding Packages

  • Informative Teambuilding with SEI   $200.00; 60-minute presentation with thought inspiring questions.
  • 360-degree Assessment + Personalized Results Summary   $380.00; 60-minute high-level interpretation of results.

Vision Board Workshop

Manifest your best life by mindfully adjusting your emotions and thought patterns. If you want it, you can manifest it to reality!

We love the power of creating space for the mind to cultivate your next chapter. Vision boards bring a new energy to your dreams! They give life to your needs and wants so the Universe can work to your alignment.

I know, you’re probably thinking this sounds crazy and way too far off in “Universal Energy” land. WAIT! Trust me on this one…and I mean, you’ve stayed with me this long, so…

Don’t delete…

Give it a chance…

It’s crazy empowering…

In our vision board workshops, learn the basics of believing (mostly in yourself and who you want to become, while you’re navigating this crazy messy journey, we call life) and create your vision board!

Vision board workshops are great for individuals, couples, families and teams!

We HIGHLY recommend this as an annual celebration of writing your next chapter!

Bring ONLY your authentic self.

*All supplies included. 

Clients leave with one vision board frame, design page, and as many vision cutouts as gathered during the workshop. Typical workshops offered in two-hour sessions.

PS. Meagan, our founder, shares the power vision boards have had in her life during these amazing workshops. Seriously, you can’t make this sh!t up; the Universe is super connected to the soul.

Vision Board Workshops Meagan Krzywosinski

Vision Board Workshop

$35.00/person; Materials included (Two-hour session)