Hello Brave Soul!

I’m Meagan…A “normal” human (a daughter, a single-momma for many years, a partner, a friend
and a career woman) who loves showing up, authentically with my braVe boots on, as I navigate this journey,
I’m calling LIFE!

The Human is the North Star of my journey to Inspire Inner Growth,
as I strive to make a positive impact in my corner of the world.

My dash has been filled with highs, lows and a lot of messy in-between. I would prefer to not go back and re-experience some of my story (ugh) but I also wouldn’t change it for the world! I love life and life continues to love me.
I am grateful for a million + reasons!

My story is about me and inspiring, quietly among my work, is all about you.

At the core, I’m an imperfect human who loves locally farmed, preferably organic foods, cooking and Yoga…
it all keeps me rooted and my overthinker in check.

You matter to me. You are enough.
Just Be & Breathe & Keep Going!

PS. I live by the 80/20 rule of nourishing my body with plants, eggs and fish!
Oh…and dark chocolate too!

About Meagan Krzywosinski

I am the Founder of BraVe Speaks, a practicing Human Resource SHRM Certified Professional with double-digit years of HR experience, a dedicated cooperative-thinking leader, a Master Certified Life Coach, a Social & Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, Reiki Master and compassionate volunteer.

Really, I’m a pretty “normal” human with a giant splash of braVe!

I love learning about humans, understanding what drives their why and facilitating growth.
I believe each human has a superpower waiting to be nourished and find joy in asking
thought provoking questions to help your BraVe Speak and navigate the uncharted, crazy messy, of life. I will be your biggest fan and your toughest coach; I promise.

PS. Cultivating my braVe has taken years. Let’s work together and recalculate your compass a little sooner than I was able to recalculate my own. Can’t wait to meet you!

Core Coaching Compass Brave Speaks

When we live life by our values, decisions become easier. BraVe Speaks inspires the soul and empowers the mind. In this mind-activating “talk” we invite you to discover/rediscover your values and learn how to navigate the stretch between values and boundaries. This is an inspiring, safe, and fun space to reengage your core and show up for yourself. There is no better time, then now, to pause, recalculate and engage your braVe muscle.

Whether you are seeking life balance, career growth, or just need a good refresher on why your braVe speaks; our time together will have you walking away feeling a little lighter, empowered and well… braVe.

Your braVe is defined by your values! Life is tough, BraVe is tougher. Trust your rooted values, honor evolution and nourish your superpower.

Meagan Krzywosinski Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaking

Brave Speaks: Why Values Matter

Brave Speaks: Defining Our Values 

Brave Speaks: Values, Boundaries and Your Superpower

The Human Work Condition

The Roots of Emotional Intelligence: SEI 101

Seven Steps to an Engaged Culture

*Customizable Programs designed with your audience/team in mind. Let’s connect and design your values based program!

Speaking Engagement Investment

  • Speaking Engagements – 30-minute = $250.00
  • Speaking Engagements – 60-minute = $500.00
  • Speaking Engagement Workshop (includes handouts)- 90-minute = $1500.00
Meagan Krzywosinski SEI Coaching

Life was not meant to be perfect, it was meant to be fully lived.  Brave is not meant to be easy, it is meant to be empowering. Perhaps the secret to life is to smile, giggle and be real even when real brings emotions that might make you uncomfortable.

Big breath in, Big breath out…

There is a beautiful journey to walk, are you living your best life?

You are a masterpiece.

Your brave is beautiful.

You are enough.